Scott Eggs

Ah, how clever. I named this one after my family in a play on words. Scotch Eggs are a thing of the past, we now want SCOTT EGGS! I’m telling you, I want this to catch on. This was the idea I had when I bought my Prosciutto initially, and when it came together, it wasn’t perfect but the imperfection is actualy what made it wonderful.

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Garlic and Onion Soup

I’m trying to think of a really fun way to make green eggs and ham. I know it’s been done before but it’s never what I pictured when I read a Dr. Suess book. Hopefully I can master it, but until then, here’s a recipe similar to Tuesday Soup, but not quite. Basically I went to make some Tuesday soup and realized I was lacking ingredients and thus, Garlic and Onion Soup was born!

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Try-It-Out-Tuesday: There’s an Egg in My Soup!

Comical, yes, but am I joking? Absolutely not. If you read my soup recipes, you’ve probably realized that I incorporate egg a lot. In fact, I’m uploading another recipe tomorrow of soup with an egg in it. You can scramble, poach, hard-boil, or even fry (which I haven’t personally tried but my mother has) any egg and plop it in a soup. My favorite method, however, comes from my Changua post!

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